About Us

Superior Data Solutions has had a long track record of seeking the best solutions to the most difficult problems and bringing them to market. We have extensive experience in virtual desktop infrastructure, solid state disk technology, I/O performance and data virtualization.

SDS was founded in 2005 and brings innovative data center technology and solutions to market. SDS specifically focuses on technologies that recognize a universal problem and solve the root cause of the problem via innovative design.

In 2006 SDS was the exclusive distributor of the Gnutek’s Maracite SSD drive. The world’s first Enterprise class Flash SSD. Gnutek recognized the pitfalls of utilizing NAND chips for solid state drives and brilliantly architected various means to address the write performance and write endurance issues. Gnutek was purchased by STEC in 2007 and renamed the Maracite to Zues IOPs, which continues to be the worlds’ fastest and most reliable flash drive in the market. SDS continues to integrate this technology into the SpeedStor enclosure, which is built and offered by SDS for high-end I/O requirements.

In 2007 SDS partnered with DinamiQs, by offering I/O expertise during the design phase of a project that was seeking to address the scalability issues of large-scale virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments. DinamiQs created a software agent (later packaged as VitualStorm) that removes the roadblocks while also providing a central management console for fat, thin and virtual endpoints within an enterprise. After several successful deployments of this solution in Europe, SDS became the exclusive North American distributor of VirtualStorm in April of 2009.

VirtualStorm is presently represented and integrated via an elite group of SDS partners. VirtualStorm partners are the experts in large-scale infrastructure design and deployment. All are top VMWare certified partners, storage experts, and VDI veterans.

Prior to SDS founder, Linda LaPorta, spent over 20 years in the Enterprise Storage industry. As a co-founder of Baydel North America, LaPorta helped to introduce the concept of RAID technology to the industry and introduced the world’s first cached RAID 3 technology in 1990. Years ahead of its time, in terms of performance and reliability, the Baydel RAID technology became a standard for many Fortune 500 accounts.