Introducing VirtualStorm

VirtualStorm is the VDI solution that Enterprises have been searching for. It’s the next generation of VDI solutions that solves large-scale deployment challenges. VirtualStorm allows current virtualization solutions to scale cost effectively to 100,000 users while enhancing the end-user experience, and simplifying VDI administration.

Virtual Storm Features

VirtualStorm Benefits

Simply add VirtualStorm to your VDI environment and you have just implemented a non-streaming, non-linked clone desktop virtualization solution that utilizes disk IO protocol. As a result VirtualStorm accelerates access time, increases availability and security to the end-user while having an ROI typically of less than 6 months.

Furthermore we reduce the size of each desktop image to just 2.2GB and ensure that it will not grow. This dramatically reduces storage requirements by a factor of 10 to 1 when compared to typical VDI solutions. Applications are not copied or streamed inside the image, but are delivered like they exist locally. Microsoft Windows will not see the difference between local installed software and the virtually presented software.

We also dramatically reduce the number of back-end servers that are required too. VirtualStorm triples the number o f VMs on a server via the combination of the VirtualStorm Memory Enhancement Stack which requires only 384MB per Virtual Machine as well as the reduction in CPU utilization required to manage disk IO protocol as opposed to the overhead created via a NIC (Network Interface Card

Carbon footprint is reduced on average, by a minimum of 70% and overall infrastructure costs are reduced by a factor of 50%, when compared to typical VDI solutions.

VirtualStorm combines best industry practices and best of breed VDI technology and allows customers to experience the benefits of extreme virtualization.

Additional Benefits:

Excellent End-User Experience- 35 seconds to login (faster than a fat client). End-user maintains same desktop profile. End-user gains flexibility of adding applications within seconds. End-user can have full access to his personal desktop from anywhere in the world, just by using a standard internet connection.

Reduces Administrative Overhead: One administrator will be able to manage thousands of desktops. All software updates, are done once! Administrators will manage only one desktop, every other desktop is a full copy of the master. Every desktop has a unique entry point to the centralized repository where all applications reside. This means that the administrator sends a patch update to one repository, and it is sent out to pools of desktops instantly. The administrator can roll out new software (think Windows 7) in minutes.