SpeedStor Overview

SpeedStor® integrates the World’s fastest enterprise class NAND solid state disk into a 1U, fully redundant FC enclosure. SpeedStor® is designed as an excellent alternative to distributed RAM and massively striped hard disk drives for applications that require lowest latency and highest IOPs.

The SpeedStor® family is priced competitively with enterprise class NAND (or Flash) solid state disks (SSD’s), yet built to perform competitively with today's DRAM SSD's.

Very high performance is achieved by controlling many NAND flash devices simultaneously and independently via a large ECC protected DRAM buffer. The result is the world’s fastest 3.5-inch form factor NAND disk drive. It has all the benefits of today's NAND drives: low power consumption (only 6 watts!), non volatile, 21 year write endurance, while designed with enterprise class interfaces (2 and 4Gb fiber channel) and engineered to achieve the performance features of DRAM based systems.

The speed of this SSD drive dictates a direct connection in order to obtain its maximum native performance ability. While the dual port drive is easily configured for HA environments.