VirtualStorm Overview

VirtualStorm is the next generation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that solves large-scale VDI deployment challenges. VirtualStorm allows current virtualization solutions to scale cost effectively while enhancing the end-user experience, and simplifying VDI administration.

The Need for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions

Most enterprises regularly question the high maintenance costs, endless replacement cycles and security vulnerabilities that plague the standard networked PC. However these same companies have experienced how server virtualization technologies have simplified administration, reduced management chores and operating costs, while maintaining reliability and security. Seeing the significant benefits virtualization delivers in those environments, companies are now looking to apply the same technology to their networked PC’s.

The idea behind what is called a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is to run desktop operating systems and applications inside virtual machines that reside on servers in the data center. Users access the virtual desktops and applications from a desktop PC client or thin client using a remote display protocol and get almost the full features as if the applications were loaded on their local systems, with the difference being that the applications are centrally managed.

The Problem with Current Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions

However, many enterprises are not rolling out large-scale desktop virtualization deployments due to the fact that today’s options cannot scale cost effectively. In addition application-streaming solutions saturate the network, thereby creating performance degradation and unhappy end-users. Some VDI solutions clone the image, creating massive storage repositories, thereby not meeting TCO requirements.

It is clear that in order to realize the ROI benefits of VDI, it’s critical to solve: