VirtualStorm deploys 2,646 VDIs on 6 Blades and Rocked VMWorld

Proof positive that you can deploy VDI cost effectively!

“We saw a lot of WOW factor on the floor this be honest, seeing 2646 running windows VM's on VirtualStorm/Cisco UCS/EMC/VMware configuration was kind of like seeing a unicorn for the first just smile and nod your head! Even tallying up the cost of the hardware vs. density, they actually delivered a nice CAPEX too.

J. Tyler “T-Rex” Rohrer : Founder and COO, Liquidware Labs”

So how did we do it? VirtualStorm has resolved the issues of virtual machine density per server. We deployed 2,646 virtual desktop images on only 6 blades! (Cisco UCS blades, 2 socket quad core Nehalem running at 2.95 GHz with 48Gb of RAM per blade). We also proved that storage does not have to be the negating cost factor for VDI either. With VirtualStorm you need only provision 2GB per virtual image, even though your images are certainly larger, which can be easily delivered from a basic drive array. For our demonstration we used a 100GB virtualized application repository served from a solid state drive. We used a 92GB virtual image, but each image only needed 2GB of storage!

With specs’ like that TCO should easily be 50% less than a fat client. Another great factor is that CAPEX is dramatically reduced, as you now only need a fraction of the hardware to deploy. ROI is always under 6 months, usually less than 3.